The Process


Step One: The Consultation

Let’s talk. What do we need to do to make your dreams a reality? In step one I will schedule an initial meeting to discuss your goals and vision for your space. I will elaborate on my timing, process, and provide high-level estimates.

Step Two: Schematic Design

Let’s begin. In Step Two, I will create a handful of schematic designs of your new space. I want to give you some initial ideas of how your space could be laid out. This step typically sparks some vision and inspiration.


Step Three: Design Development

Fine Tune the details: You provided feedback from Step Two. Based on your feedback from the Schematic Designs, I will create 1 – 2 additional designs combining your favorite elements from the Schematic Design in step two.


Step Four: Pricing Set

Getting warmer! These near-final plans will allow you to solicit quotes from contractors and select a lender. I am happy to provide recommendations of contractors that I’ve worked with and trust.


Step Five: Construction Set

These plans are final and stamped, and ready for the permitting process.
Soon, construction can begin!